City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

A Brief History of Evil, Assembly Roxy, Review

By Katie Stephen - Posted on 23 October 2016

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Assembly Roxy
Company of Wolves
Ewan Downie and Johnathan Peck (Creators), Al Seed (Directorial Assistance), Lex Burnhams (Lighting Design), Catherine Barthram (Costume Design), Alberto Santos-Bellido (Technician)
Ewan Downie and Jonathan Peck
Running time: 

Combining physical theatre with an uncomfortable mockery of themselves, Ewan Downie and Johnathan Peck’s duet A Brief History of Evil offers confused intrigue to its touring audiences. From Banchory to Dumfries, Company of Wolves bring their quick-fire two-handler on a regional tour across Scotland.

Fixated on becoming a better person, the two performers incorporate elaborate movement and uncomfortable silences into a short 45-minute dialogue, obsessed with the lies they are telling themselves. When all pretence is removed, and reality is revealed, how much of the person known remains?

Creators-cum-performers Downie and Peck, although maintaining an exceptionally high level of energy throughout the overtly energetic piece, seemed to fall short of providing any means of explanation to their audience. Whether through movement, dialogue or mise en scene, no apparent narrative could be established. Pegged as satirical and wickedly funny, the few uncomfortable titters that escaped could not live up to the humorous expectations of the piece.

Gifting a harrowing portrayal of the humanistic inability to comprehend the voices in our heads to their viewers, this production showcases the physical and emotional talents of the pair, even if they forget to let us in on their joke.

Tour dates:
Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine - 27th October
County Building, Wigtown - 4th November
Theatre Royal, Dumfries - 5th November

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