A Play, A Pie and A Pint, Kontoble (The Shamen and the Boy), Traverse, Review

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Òran Mór and presented by Traverse Theatre
Nalini Chetty (writer), Guy Hollands (director), Nigel Dunn (sound design), Jonathan Scott (design), Ross Kirkland (lighting design)
Ray (Keiran Gallacher), Ruth (Beth Marshall), Ezra (Miles Yekinni)
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In Glasgow, people tend to speak at bus stops but it’s not every day that you meet a West African shaman there. When disturbed Dennistoun teenager Ray MacNair (Keiran Gallacher) encounters one, he finds he has a strong connection with this man from a part of the world where the rain doesn’t fall sideways.

African rhythms pulse as Miles Yekinni makes a surprising arrival on stage as the striking Ezra Cissé to set the tone directly with his belief system that we are the products of our ancestors that involves the importance of listening ‘with the bones’. As he espouses how much being in touch with nature and the elements matters in life, Ray in contrast reveals his dependence on prescribed drugs to control his disturbed and out of touch mind. Trying to steer a middle path between these apparent opposites is pregnant Auntie Ruth (Beth Marshall), the sensible sister of Ray’s mother who looks after him.

In this latest sensitively written work from actor and writer Nalini Chetty, we are asked to look at the results of the meeting of opposing world views; the difference between paranoia and listening to the voices of those who can guide with positivity.

Keiran Gallacher gives a powerful performance as young Ray as he shifts from desperation and hopelessness to balance and acceptance in this tightly directed three hander that is a compelling lesson in listening and ways of dealing with different kinds of exile – with the help of a wee coconut snowball!

29 Sep 2015 – 03 Oct 2015 at 1pm Age Recommend