City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh To St Andrews Bike Ride for LEPRA 2007

By edg - Posted on 21 May 2007

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The Edinburgh St Andrews Bike Ride is a 67 mile charity ride from Market Street in Edinburgh City Centre to the links in the heart of St Andrews. The ride attracts some 1000 cyclists, of all ages and levels of fitness, while the route goes across the Forth Road Bridge, over the Cleish Hills and across the undulating rural countryside of Fife. Sponsorship from the ride goes to LEPRA. In 1996, sponsorship raised for the ride enabled LEPRA to cure 952 people of leprosy.

There are support vehicles along the ride aid for those who have mechanical or health problems, and ice creams at the highest point on the ride. There is a return bus to Edinburgh from St Andrews for riders and their bikes.

Ride Information
The ride leaves Edinburgh at 8.45am from East Market St.

Return Bike Bus Tickets
£11 for rider and bike. Order at the start of the ride. Bike buses are at 7pm (Saturday) and 11am (Sunday)

Registration is free before 1st June. £5 (£3 concessions after). To participate you have to register for the ride by sending a stamp addressed envelope to:

c/o Rosalind Kerry
The Beehive,
Nr West Linton.
EH46 7HH
Tel. 01968 682369