City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


You Never Bike Alone DVD

You Never Bike Alone DVD has acquired a number of DVDs of the feature-length urban cycling documentary You Never Bike Alone.

To Copenhagen and Beyond

Join climate campaigners from across Scotland in Edinburgh to learn about the UN climate talks taking place in Copenhagen this December, and plan a campaign to put pressure on the UK delegation that will be attending.

Video: Critical Mass Cyclists on Cycling in Edinburgh

Edinburgh cyclists, outside the National Gallery, offer some quick tips on riding in the city, at the monthly Critical Mass ride on the last friday of May 2008.

Walk to Work Week

It seems odd that we need a campaign to encourage people to use their legs to get around the place, but if motorists, cyclists, and other transport groups can lobby for their mode of transport why not pedestrians?

Climate Change Rally

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is marking Earth Day by holding a Climate Change Rally to push for a strong Scottish Climate Change Bill.

Homage to Caledonia Book Review

Homage To Caledonia book cover

At the beginning of his book, Homage to Caledonia - Scotland and the Spanish Civil War, Daniel Gray quotes from another book on the subject, From the Calton to Catalonia by John and Willy Maley (Glasgow City Libraries).  The extract is written in
gallus Glaswegian Scots and describes conditions in the east end of Glasgow in the 1930s.

Pioneering, Activist Geneticist Is Edinburgh Medal Winner

An American geneticist who led the team that first isolated a gene from the chromosome of a living organism, a major breakthrough in the understanding of the processes of life, will be awarded the

Climate Change Bill Heralds Greener Scotland

Scottish Minister of the Environment Michael Russell does his bit for climate change

The Scottish Government published its Climate Change Bill yesterday. The Bill lays out a legal framework for ambitious reductions of Scottish greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of 80% below 1990 levels* by 2050.

Edinburgh International Book Festival Picks

Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Edinburgh International Book Festival pitches camp in Charlotte Square Gardens this year between 9th and 25th
August, hosting a staggering 800 authors from around the world. The quality and range of authors always draws wide interest, and this year is no exception. Following the launch of ticket sales last month, heavy traffic made the web site inaccessible for a while and a good number of events have already sold out.