City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


Ladies Driving Challenge

Are you a Zoomin' Woman?

Historic Scotland Starts Traffic Reduction Campaign in Holyrood Park

Holyrood Palace and road

A campaign to reduce traffic passing through Holyrood Park starts this month. The goal is to make drivers aware that the park's roads are for the sole use of non-commercial traffic. Coach drivers will also need a permit from April.

Final Bids In to Build New Forth Crossing

Forth Road Bridge Replacement Crossing

The two consortia bidding to build a new bridge across the Forth have submitted their final proposals to Transport Scotland for consideration before the contract is awarded in April.

Potholes Targeted By Council

Work began today on fixing the huge number of potholes across Edinburgh that have appeared during the recent bout of freezing conditions. City infrastructure has been ravaged by the most severe winter weather since the 1960’s. Ice has formed and expanded in the tarmac, opening up cracks and craters across Edinburgh's roads, pavements and cycleways.

Travel Delays as Edinburgh Whitens For Christmas

The weekend snowfalls, plummeting sub-zero temperatures, and freezing fog are continuing to make travel trickier this morning.

Weather-beaten Edinburgh Battles Back to Normality

Snow on the Sphinxes

Three days after Scotland's "perfect storm" (as Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson has dubbed Monday's transport network seizure), conditions look to be getting better.

Travel Disruption Continues As Temperatures Drop

Travel disruption is continuing across Scotland. Edinburgh was around -13C last night and the Met Office is forecasting a high of -6C during the day. Obviously, the problem on roads is ice, not just snow with traffic crawling along.

We Need More Know Snow or It's No Go

Snow Again in New Town

As Edinburgh's snow related problems plummet new depths, it feels like we are in the script of a Hollywood disaster movie.

Stranded Central Belt Motorists Left In the Dark

Hundreds of drivers stranded in their cars overnight as temperatures plummeted to -14C. Journeys that normally take minutes taking hours, with motorists reporting traffic crawling at a mile an hour. Abandoned cars and lorries littering the sides of roads, causing even more obstacles to the traffic flow and delays.

Airports Close Again to Clear Snow

Queen Street Blizzard

Heavy snowfalls have grounded planes at both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports again today.