City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Climate change

"Green" Government Lifts Tolls on Forth Road Bridge

Drivers were able to cross the Forth and Tay road bridges free of charge from midnight last night as all tolls were abolished after more than 40 years.

Climate Change is Hot at 20th Edinburgh International Science Festival

The former chief scientific advisor to the British government, a scientist from the British Antarctic Survey, and the head planner of the design company behind a chinese "eco-city" (and the new Forth Bridge) are among guest speakers tackling Climate Change at the 20th Edinburgh International Science Festival.

SNP Targets 80% Emissions Reduction By 2050

The SNP government today launched its ambitious plans to tackle climate change with the publication of the Scottish Climate Change Bill Consultation.

Awareness Day For Edinburgh Inventors

In 2006, inventors in Edinburgh filed a total of 489 patent applications, according to the UK government's Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Not bad, but the IPO is hoping to see those numbers continue to rise

New Supercomputer Launched at Edinburgh University

A supercomputer which it is expected to offer insights into many burning scientific questions of the day from climate change, to questions about the evolution of the universe and sub-nuclear particles, was launched today at Edinburgh University.

2007 Likely To Be One of Warmest Years Ever

The recent climate conference in Bali, Indonesia may have left little in the way of concrete goals for greenhouse gas emissions reductions, but temperatures continue rising.