Edinburgh lectures & talks

Ivan Day will guide you through the splendid array of treats served in most Edwardian Kitchens in the lead up to Christmas - from stunning jellies to ornamental raised pies.

The events surrounding the birth of Jesus have been retold by artists down the centuries.

Share in some seasonal tales with carol Stobbie.

Winter landscapes were a challenge for artists working out of doors in the late nineteenth century, and some devised ingenious ways of keeping out the cold.

J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan is perhaps the Scottish 'fairy story' most readily conjured up in our minds, but Scottish fairies have a rich literary history.

The remarkable and rapid development of modern technology during the Edwardian period was mirrored by a similarly radical change in the literary world. Dr.

Aileen Christianson will talk about 19th century women writing both for publication and in private letters and the ways in which they could suggest radical criticism of women's position without nec

This lecture provides an outline of some of the key figures from the Highlands artistic movement.

Robin Barnes will discuss aspects of the development of rail travel in and around Edinburgh, illustrated by his own enchanting watercolours and entertaining anecdotes.

All old artefacts need special care and attention, to keep them in good condition and preserve them for the future.