The weekend snowfalls, plummeting sub-zero temperatures, and freezing fog are continuing to make travel trickier this morning.

As recent snow turns to slush, life in Edinburgh is returning to normal. However, the thaw has brought its own problems, as snow loosens and slides off roofs, and spear-like icicles relinquish their grip on gutters and overhangs and fall on pavements below.

After a freezing night, slightly warmer temperatures of 1C or 2C are forecast in Edinburgh for Thursday with roads and pavements still icy.

Edinburgh City Council said earlier today that schools should be open tomorrow (Wednesday 8 December).

Most of Edinburgh's schools are to open fully on Tuesday (7 December) with only a few exceptions in spite of the unpredictable weather and the

Edinburgh City Council schools are not expected to be completely back to normal this Monday as the city enters its second working week of snow and ice.

Edinburgh City Council has defended its policy of continuing to close schools to some pupils after a week of wintry weather. Some children will be having a fifth day off school tomorrow due to the adverse conditions.

Some may be feeling highly exasperated at this stage, but many children will be having a fourth snow day tomorrow Thursday (2 December) as Edinburgh services continue to be disrupted by the unprecedented snowfall and icey conditions.

Snowvember is over, but as Edinburgh enters December there is little sign of the unusually snowy weather abating.

It's St Andrew's Day in Edinburgh. There's fresh snow and ice on the ground. The penguins are up and about. Students are preparing to march. And the airport is closed again.