Ecological Footprint

The Edinburgh Science Festival returns in a month with around 250 family and adult events at 34 venu

Seven out of the twelve gigs in Edinburgh International Festival's contemporary music strand s

Earlier this month I had driven out of Thurso, past Dounreay on my right and turned left along the A897 to Helmsdale.

The 2019 Edinburgh International Book Festival launched the “most international programme in its history” today, with authors from over 60 countries coming

Climate change will have a huge impact on health, via heat exposure and changes in distribution of vector-borne diseases such as malaria and in more complex ways such as impoverishment and population

We all rely on the seas for their abundant food, mineral and energy resources and yet more than 90% of the deep oceans remain totally unexplored.

Malthus was right. There is not enough planet to sustain the growing human population, particularly given our species' profligate use of land and resources.

This is a rare chance to hear from an array of global climate experts, who are here in Edinburgh for a meeting of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) working group III.

Edinburgh Castle turns green before going black, and landmarks across the city participate in Earth Hour rangi

A free, outdoor photographic exhibition showing humankind's impact on our planet opened today outside the Scottish Parliament building.