Poetry and storytelling

Poetry and storytelling

With a theme of witches and the backdrop of The Audacious Women's Festival, this production was bound for a sold-out run.

The Old House is an autobiographical show written and performed by Kate Maravan exploring memory, maternal relationships, loss and the hok

National treasure, Stephen Fry brings his best-selling novel, ‘Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold’, to life.

The fundamentals of human existence – three quasi rituals, one fascinating show.

Birds of Paradise produced Purposeless Movements back in 2016 to address a specific medical description of CP:  "Which of our movement

A somewhat esoteric and quirky look at Nan Shepherd, this show focuses on the influences around Shepherd, inspiring her work and thought processes.

Oxford-based, student-run Mercury Theatre in their most recent venture have decided to tackle male mental health with Numbers.

Myra is just as brutal and gut-punching as you would expect as Lauren Varnfield brings the fundamentally loathed Myra Hindley to the stage

As the cast enter the space, they perform basic movement sequences and speak abstract sentences as they are ‘reflections’ of one another.

This is a charming show that provides Scottish storytelling aimed at children and adults.