Poetry and storytelling

Poetry and storytelling

Reading from the new poetry book by Gordon Peters -- By Leaves Entwined.

The poems are lyrics - and rants - of people closeby and places faraway.

First Reading of a new play about the life of Belle Stewart, a cultural icon, and Scottish Traditional Traveller, feted throughout the world for her ballad singing.

The first Scottish Women’s Health Fair in 1983 saw women coming together from across Scotland to explore alternative grassroots visions of women’s health and challenge the established m

The winners of the fifth Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition were announced at a ceremony at the Edinburgh International Book Festival at the weekend.

As Tam struggles home after another big Saturday night of boozing, up in the morning early is a certain Rab Ruisseaux, ploughman and aspiring poet. He may be struggling for inspiration but the

Can the political be poetical? Once in the day, Penguin Books responded with ‘The Penguin Book of Socialist Verse’, offering poems from all corners of the globe. 'By Leaves Entwined' is a poetry collection that is both personal and often political in its content.

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” -- Philip Pullman

A cold, wet evening in May (aye, May) is not the best atmosphere for being at the wrong venue for a launch.  My excuse? There was a hint somewhere in an email about seeing renovations and anyway, what do I know about building schedules? Answer: hee haw. We are so used in Edinburgh to the disruption of barriers closed streets and roads, that whether or not scaffolding has gone down is barely noted any more.  Luckily, I was in the Guides so used my initiative and soon came across some likely folk on the way to the launch in St Andrew Square.  (Note to self: always read the small print.)

After nearly two decades of writing, hundreds of shows and numerous prizes, Ash Dickinson's wildly inventive and eclectic debut collection, "Slinky Espadrilles", is being publis

You've heard of the Beltane Fire Festival right? This is the little sister event. A family day on Calton Hill with workshops and a procession.