City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


Shame of our Political Masters

Prior to Thatcher the notion of borrowing tens of thousands of pounds just to get on with life was WRONG!

Rip it up and start again


Maoism…Rip it up and start again.

We face a dangerous democratic deficit across Scotland and apparently without an alternative. I propose we take action ourselves.

Deputy First Minister's Questions from Holyrood 16th September 2010

The Pope’s visit to Scotland again shaped First Minister's Questions (FMQs) with Deputy First Minister (DFM) Nicola Sturgeon standing-in for First Minister Alex Salmond who was over in

First Ministers Question Time at Holyrood (9 Sept 2010)

Sink or Swim by Norrie Stewart.jpg

The upcoming visit of the Pope to Scotland added colour to First Minister's Question Time yesterday (9 Sept 2010).

Book Festival: Peter Millar - The Berlin Wall and My Part In Its Downfall

Peter Milllar Bookfest 2010

Giving his personal experience of working in Communist Eastern Europe, former Foreign Correspondent Peter Millar entertained, informed and amused a good sized audience in the Pepper Theatre with a

Festival of Politics: Do Newspapers Have a Future?

Dianne Abbott by Norrie Stewart

Can newspapers survive the internet? Most are available free on the web, but compete there with broadcast media websites like the BBC.

Scotland's Political Football

Photo by Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

Football fans, politicians, and sports media examined the politics of Scotland’s national game and discussed what needs to be done to improve the fortunes of our national team.

Book Festival: Garry Trudeau In Conversation With Steve Bell

Cartoon chat

Superlatives are weak and ineffective when in presence of a true master in his field: the newspaper comic strip.

Book Festival: Joseph Stiglitz; How the World Can Re-think Its Approach To Global Finance

Edinburgh Book Festival: Joseph Stiglitz

One of the most respected economic commentators of our times, Joseph Stiglitz made a clearly welcome return to the Edinburgh International Book Festival.