Voters in the City Centre Ward in Edinburgh have until Wednesday 3 August to register to vote or apply for a postal vote for the by-election on Thursday 18 August.

The latest Edinburgh City Council press release claims that the Council "have balanced their books again

Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Especially, if the author - writing via an anonymous Blogger account - purports to be A Gay Girl in Damascus.

The Scottish National Party has taken all but one of Edinburgh's seats, in the same way that the natonalists appear to have swept across the whole of Scotland.

The union of Prince William and Catherine Middleton is being marked across the UK by a national holiday. The Nationalist Scottish Government announced, on 23 November, that Scotland would mark the  public holiday too (see First Minister Alex Salmond's statement).

Government austerity measures, the threats posed by climate change, and the uncertainities brought on by rapid globalisation, have galvanised the youth of today into becoming increasingly politically active.

Robin Harper launched his autobiography, "Dear Mr Harper" last night at Blackwells book shop in Edinburgh.  Robin Harper is a very pleasant, genial man who became the first member of the Green Party to be elected to a UK parliament when he became an MSP in 1999. His book, which he wrote in association with Fred Bridgeland, is a pleasing read with several amusing anecdotes which will keep the reader entertained through its two hundred pages.

The Institute of Directors, Scotland, held the first "Edinburgh Hustings" for May's Scottish Parliamentry Election a week ago on 8th March in the offices of HSBC in Hanover Street, Edinburgh. Four representatives of the main political parties were given five minutes to set out their policies before the floor was thrown open to questions from the packed audience of Directors.

The Scottish Parliamentary Election count for Edinburgh's six parliamentry seats will take place overnight.