Quality of life

Edinburgh's quality of life

Edinburgh parks and green spaces have won three awards in the national horticultural campaign Britain in Bloom.

Edinburgh City Council proclaimed a recent "hard hitting" campaign to encourage dog owners to poop-scoop in the north of the city saw complaints drop by 80%.

Edinburgh woke up this morning to a real Christmas scene (again) - just four weeks early!  But in spite of this the children loved it, particularly those who found that the weekend had been extended by a day when their school was closed.

Prior to Thatcher the notion of borrowing tens of thousands of pounds just to get on with life was WRONG!

Can you still eat out well in Edinburgh for under a tenner? Euan Andrews loosens his belt and finds out.

This is the first time an official United Nations-supported event has taken place in Scotland. Delegates from over 80 countries including national human rights institutions (NHRIs), international and regional experts, United Nations officials, government representatives, civil society and business organisations will discuss human rights issues on the theme of Business and Human Rights, and the role national institutions can play in improving human rights in a globalised world.

Edinburgh has won another quality of life accolade in a new study called PlaceIndex by respected opinion pollster YouGov. The study is based upon interviews with a representative sample of 10,000 respondents drawn from YouGov's online panel. The fieldwork was undertaken in July 2009.

"I want to die. I want a comet to hurtle down from the sky and flatten me like a pancake". Such a cheery bunch we Edinburgh lot are. That was the morning greeting of a dear friend of mine...she is no longer my friend.

I can't stand a misery guts. But then, in all fairness, we haven't really had a lot to cheer about of late, have we? Tram works. Garbage strikes. Ridiculous weather. The recession. Urgh!

Edinburgh attractions didn't experience the same upward trend in visitor numbers enjoyed by other parts of the country in 2008 according to a report by the Association of Leading Visitor Attraction

British pensioners and those who rely on savings for income are not feeling too festive this christmas after the Bank of England reduced interest rates, earlier this month, to levels not seen since