City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


Come to Edinburgh. See the Museum of London

Museum of London

As the promoters of the Great Edinburgh Run say, a 5k or 10k jog through the capital is a great way to see the Old and New Towns in all their glory in a fun, energetic fashion. "Make a weekend of it in Scotland's historic capital city," says the web site.

Step Out for Stroke at Holyrood Park

The Stroke Association in Scotland marks Stroke Awareness Day (Tuesday 10 May 2011) with a 5k walk, to encourage people to take exercise as a way of reducing their risk of stroke.

Walk Edinburgh Week

Boots Made For Walking Holyrood Park

Edinburgh is a great city for walking due to its compact design and large green areas, and yet  apparently we could be doing more walking. Hence Walk Edinburgh Week - a series of events aimed at drawing out the pedestrian in us.

Walk the Water of Leith

Water of Leith bridge at MoMA

The longest of 26 walks that take place in Walk Edinburgh Week, this almost 13 mile walk winds through the city from the Pentland foothills of Bal

Arthur Smith's Traditional Alternative Tour of the Royal Mile