The Quaker Meeting House, aka the Friends' Meeting House, is one of the two general gathering places for Edinburgh's Quakers, located just off the High Street overlooking Victoria Street.

Formerly known as 'Nicolson Square Methodist Church', four congregations joined together to create the current church in 19th century building on a corner of this small green square.

New Town church with tall spire that opened for worship as Bellevue Church in 1824.

Impressive looking church of Scotland building overlooking Bruntsfield Links with active local congregation.

Community church with a number of halls on Edinburgh's outskirts.

Modern, community parish church to the North of the city.

Edinburgh's Elim Pentecostal church is a functioning church at Holy Corner in Morningside throughout the year.

It also serves as a venue for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.

The Unitarian Church is located in an early 19th century building of classic style and church hall.

Scottish Episcopal Church located at Holy Corner in Morningside.

Dalmeny Kirk is an outstanding example of a Norman church still in regular use today.