Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University was founded in 1582 at the site occupied by Old College Quadrangle.

Edinburgh University owned function hall at the modern Pollock Hall complex large enough to host 350 guests theatre-style or a dancefloor for 300, or 100 in a classroom setting.

Murchison House is the award winning headquarters of the British Geological Survey situated on the King's Campus of Edinburgh University.

Edinburgh University Library is on the south side of George Square. The iconic modernist building, designed by Sir Basil Spence, and completed in 1965, was extensively redeveloped.

Edinburgh University's School of Informatics ("the study of how natural and artificial systems store, process and communicate information") is housed in an award-winning, suitably moderni

The main astronomy observatory, in the South of Edinburgh, distinguished by its distinctive copper domes atop Blackford Hill.

Around 2,500 people pass through the chaplaincy centre each week. Used by the university during the hours of 9.30am to 5pm, and from 6pm to 9pm for events held by community and student groups.

Edinburgh College of Art has a reputation as one of the leading art colleges in the UK.

A William Playfair architectural masterpiece on the southern side of Edinburgh University's Old College. The Library Hall has a barrel-vaulted ceiling and runs to more than 190 feet in length.

Edinburgh University building at George Square named after the former Principal of Edinburgh University (1974 -1979). The building has a 65-seater teaching room.