Free Fringe: Laughing Horse

Gourmet burgers with local and import ales on the Royal Mile.

Meeting Point for a walking tour - wait outside - during Fringe.

Basement bar open all day 09.00-03.00.

Food and coffee served all day, and a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits.

Scotland's smallest pub, adjoined to more capacious Biddy Mulligans. Opened in 2013, in the heart of the Grassmarket.

Room for about 20 people "at a push!".

Low ceilinged bar in touristy area of the city. Spills out onto the terraced pavement in the Summer.

Borrowing the title of James Joyce's impenetrable novel, this is an Irish pub for large crowds and live music.

Long-running irish pub in the old town, with live music, sports (as the name implies especially rugby) on the screens, and a licence to stay open til the wee wee hours.

Central tea boutique and cafe that has a tea for every occasion it would seem.

Cafe/bar in a hostel, down in the Cowgate.

Cocktail bar just up from Leith Walk's so-called "pink triangle" area.

Under new management in 2010, the City Cafe has taken on a Fifties American diner theme complete with jukebox and kids' activities. Open late.