City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Jolson - The Musical Review

By Barbara Bryan - Posted on 04 March 2009

Show Details
King's Theatre
A King's Edinburgh and Churchill Bromley Production
Greg Arrowsmith (Musical director), John Dalston (Production Manager), Jon Bowles (Musical staging)
Allan Stewart (Al Jonson), Donna Steele, Christopery Howell
Running time: 

Jolson, the Musical, takes us on an autobiographical journey of the famous singer's life.  Born Asa Yoelson, he was besotted with the stage at an early age, changed his name to Al Jolson, abandoned the rigidity of his Rabbi father and took to an itinerant life.  At 18, he left his self-consciousness behind a 'black face', and the legendary Al Jolson was born.

All his memorable songs are sung in this musical. Allan Stewart is Al Jonson - and his voice is a wonderful rendition of the unique Jolson sound.  My Mammy, Rock a Bye your Baby with a Dixie Melody, Sonny Boy, Swannee - all the memorable songs are included in this musical, much to the audience's delight.

With minimalist settings and only three actors - Allan Stewart as Jolson, Donna Steele, who, with great versatility portrays Jolson's four wives and a variety of other characters and Christopher Howell, who also portrays a selection of characters - they nevertheless create a vibrant, energetic mood which is enhanced by the talented live musicians who sustain the mood throughout.  An unmistakable Jolson evening.

Show runs until Saturday, 7 March at 7.30pm