City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Students Snowball Scottish Parliament

By edg - Posted on 30 November 2010

Students protesting education cuts took to the streets again today, marching from Bristo Square, down the Royal Mile to Holyrood, where they dotted the sides of the Scottish Parliament with snowballs.

Around two to three hundred people took part in the march, chanting slogans. Some carried a coffin with the words "RIP Education" on the side of it.

The video (above) from The Guardian captures the spirit of the march. A copper, guarding the parliament building entrance, takes a snowball on the chin (actually off the chest first) rather well in the opening frames of the video.

Around half the video is taken up in an interview outside the parliament building with Patrick Harvie, Green Party MSP, who suggests that nobody voted for education cuts and now "Scotland has an opportunity to take things in a different direction."

The Scottish government is due to publish a green paper on the future of higher education in Scotland before the year's end. It has said it doesn't want to re-introduce tuition fees.