"Heat the Hoose": Scots Fiddle Festival Opening Concert

Submitted by edg on Tue, 13 Oct '09 7.04pm
Time & place

The Scots Fiddle Festival warms up with the "Heat the Hoose" concert in the Assembly Rooms' Music Hall on Friday night.

Later in the evening the venue hosts fiddle cabaret and a ceilidh (there's one ticket for both events).

The concert will feature:

Session A9
Charlie McKerron (Fiddle), Gordon Gunn (Fiddle & Mandolin), Adam Sutherland (Fiddle), Kevin Henderson (Fiddle), Brian McAlpine (Piano), David Robertson (Percussion), Marc Clement (Guitar & Vocals).

Session A9 are the ideal "Heat the Hoose" band. Fiddle-led and cleverly arranged, mixing traditional tunes with their own compositions, combining virtuoso passages and elegiac melodies.

* the best band to have come out of Scotland in 100 years (Dougie Maclean)

* brilliantly sophisticated arrangements of tunes new and old, brimming with brio and simply oozing class (Sunday Herald) great praise indeed for a band formed through informal sessions up and down the eponymous arterial Scottish road, culminating in their first tour in 2001. Such "informality" is now captured in two albums; and tours throughout the UK and throughout Europe.

Dannsa meets Beòlach

Dannsa: Caroline Reagh (dancer), Sandra Robertson (dancer), Fin Moore (pipes), Gabe McVarish (fiddle), Ewan MacPherson (mandolin,guitar), Gillebride Macmillan (gaelic song), John Sikorski (dancer)

Beòlach: Wendy MacIsaac (fiddle step-dancer), Mairi Rankin (fiddle / step-dancer), Mac Morin (piano / step-dancer), Patrick Gillis (guitar), Fin Moore (pipes)

One of Cape Breton's most exciting young bands, Beòlach perform an energetic mix of Cape Breton, Scottish, and Irish tunes. Their two albums feature both original compositions as well as the groups unique dynamic arrangements of their favourite traditional tunes. Beòlach have thrilled audiences with energetic performances and their versatility as step dancers.

Dannsa are one of Scotland's most innovative dance groups, from Highland to Step Dance, Ceilidh and Old Scotch Reels they always bring something fresh and perform with a great deal of enjoyment and sharing. With live music from some of Scotland's best musicians the crossover with Beólach at the end of the set will be a coming together of two closely related traditions.

For booking info see Scots Fiddle Festival