City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish Astrological Association Workshop

By Scottish Astrol... - Posted on 26 February 2013

Event details

This is a medical astrology and homeopathy workshop* with Dr. Gabriel Blass. During the course of the day we will take a deeper look at how illness manifests in the natal chart and how Homeopathy can help in practice.

We will discuss how the planetary energies, their aspects and their placements in the chart describe the physiology and disease processes in the body, and the illnesses that can manifest as a result. We will examine numerous charts of patients and see how treatment unfolds in clinical practice. We will explore some of the principles and practice of homeopathy such as the selection of remedies, healing reactions, constitutional types and miasmatic theory. This seminar should be of interest to those with or without any knowledge of homeopathy.

Dr. Gabriel Blass B.Sc., M.B.Ch.B., R.S.Hom., runs a homeopathic medical practice in Glasgow. His interest in astrology dates back to 1987. He gained the Certificate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and Roy Allin Award in 1997. He has run classes on natal astrology and the astrology of relationships, and gives seminars on medical astrology. He is currently investigating how the expression of illness is symbolised in the natal chart, and its therapeutic implications.


£20 for SAA members, £25 for non-members (includes refreshments)

A deposit of £10 is required by Friday April 12 2013 in order to ensure this event can go ahead. If you wish to attend please submit your deposit to the SAA Treasurer Susan Swan at your earliest convenience.


* Note: In the event that we receive insufficient bookings by 12th April, we shall have no option but to cancel the event, as we have to ensure financial viability. In this unlikely event all deposits received will be returned.