City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

DAI (Enough)

By Barbara Bryan - Posted on 10 August 2007

Show details
Bernie Kukoff, Jonathen Pollard, Jon Cutler in association with Paul Lucas Productions
Will Pomerantz (producer); Iris Bahr (writer); Iris Bahr (performer)
Iris Bahr

This powerful one-woman show, written and performed by the American actress Iris Bahr, is set in a café in Tel Aviv, minutes before a suicide bomber enters. However, despite the shocking scenario, Bahr injects a huge amount of humour into the piece.Throughout the performance Bahr adopts the persona of a variety of characters involved in Israeli society.

From all walks of life they include a Latina actress; a mother; a Russian prostitute; a Palestinian intellectual; a Zionist former general, and many more. With her talent for characterisation and accents, combined with wonderful acting, she successfully captures the unique and frequently amusing idiosyncrasies imbued in the Israeli psyche. And although DAI [Enough] is set in this turbulent political arena, we only occasionally hear opinions as to the conflict – some dissenting to the Israeli regime, others not.

Iris Bahr is a successful actress and stand-up comic and this is her first foray into solo performance – from a personal perspective. Having been brought up in the Bronx as an Orthodox Jew, and doing a spell in the Israeli army as a Sergeant, she is very familiar with that society, and as a result her writing makes DAI [Enough] a highly entertaining, provocative piece.

A tour de force, we are kept on tenter-hooks throughout, anticipating the inevitable annihilation of the characters, whose ordinary lives can be extinguished by extraordinary events.

Time: 4pm, runs til 27 August