City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

If We Are Women

By Barbara Bryan - Posted on 18 August 2007

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Arkle Theatre Company
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Karen Mhytock (director); Joanna McClelland Glass (writer); Rob Shields (staging); Peter Horsfall (lighting)
Val Lennie (Ruth), Carol Davidson (Rachel), Esther Gilvray (Jessica), Sally Wilson (Polly)

If we are Women, written by the Canadian writer Joanna McClelland Glass, involves four women - a grandmother, daughter, grand-daughter, and elderly mother-in-law - who are brought together for the funeral of the daughter's lover.

Set over the period of a day the play weaves in and out of individual musings, often involving regret, and highlights the problems of many family relationships where a façade is maintained rather than having to deal with the reality and truth of past events.

Arkle are a non-professional theatre company but the standard of acting is always predictably high.  The play is set in Canada and throughout the actors maintained authentic Canadian accents.  Val Lennie as Ruth the grandmother and Carol Davidson as Rachel, the mother-in-law, slotted into their parts like perfectly fitting gloves.  Esther Gilvray, who played Jessica, was convincing as the strong daughter, caught between two generations.  And Sally Wilson, as Polly the daughter, carried the right amount of dynamism for someone who is keen to explode the myths each character has built up to protect their memories.  Well-directed by Karen Whytock, ‘If we are Women' is an entertaining Fringe production.

Time: 8.15pm. last night - 18th August