City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish Folk Roots and Offshoots

By tracyg - Posted on 13 August 2007

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Royal Oak
David Ferrard
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David Ferrard

David Ferrard, one of Scotland's up and coming folk talents, has an amazing
voice... He also has a loyal following in Edinburgh, and gigs regularly at the
folky Royal Oak. It's refreshing to go to a Fringe show by a performer who is
from around here, although he attracts a global audience.

About 35 of us squeezed into the tiny downstairs bar at the Royal Oak, perched on bar stools and squeezed into booths. The rather haphazard seating arrangement didn't detract (too much) from the show, as by the end of the second song audience members were singing along or just chilling out with their eyes closed, swaying along to David's angelic voice.

His performance style suited the intimate atmosphere, an acoustic guitar, no microphone and lots of eye contact with audience members. With such a simple set up, the focus was really on his incredibly sweet voice and his narrative of the history of each song. We were treated to one of his original tunes "One Helluva Ride" at the end of the set, illustrating his talent as a songwriter as

I highly recommend this show as a relaxed musical interlude from the chaos of the Fringe. But perhaps not if you’re claustrophobic!

Times: 6.45pm, 3-26 August