Bec Hill Didn't Want to Play Your Stupid Game Anyway Review

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Roly Poly Grandma Productions
Roly Poly Grandma Productions
Bec Hill
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Bec Hill’s new show for this year’s Fringe festival is a hilarious study on the nature of adulthood and the difficulties of growing up. She asks, what exactly is a grown-up? Serving up her dark wit with a delightfully innocent delivery, Bec Hill comes across as a cheerful yet extremely sharp comedian.

Combining a keen sense of timing, with a talent for characterisation and a wonderfully immature sense of humour, she had the audience hanging on her every joke and participating enthusiastically. Creating a friendly atmosphere, the bubbly Hill explores the quirks, and often, stupidity involved in being an adult.

Her hilarious material on this subject is backed by a genuine message of the importance of growing up without feeling like one has to sell out on one’s values, asking why dreaming is reserved only for children. This veers away from becoming preachy by some well-placed self-deprecation and a dose of optimistic realism. Her own attempt at writing an advert at the end of the show is a truly brilliant piece of comedy and should be seen by everyone. Bec Hill’s is a superb show which leaves one feeling warm and hopeful for hours afterwards. A must see.

Show Times
18-30 August, 4pm

£8-£9 (£7-£8)