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Pina Bausch's Tanztheater Wuppertal
Pina Bausch (director, choreographer), Peter Pabst (set design, video), Marion Cito (costumes), Matthias Burker, Andreas Eisenschneider (musical collaboration)
Regina Advento, Rainer Behr, Silvia Farias, Ditta Miranda Jasjfi, Na Young Kim, Daphnis Kokkinos, Eddie Martinez, Melanie Maurin, Dominique Mercy, Pascal Merighi, Cristiana Morganti, Helena Pikon, Fabien Prioville, Jorge Puerta Armenta, Azusa Seyama, Julie Shanahan, Michael Strecker, Fernando Suels, Kenji Takagi, Aida Vainieri, Anna Wehsarg
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The eminent German choreographer Pina Bausch died in 2009 at the age of just 68. Beforehand, her Tanztheater Wuppertal company had already been invited to perform at the EIF in 2010, staging either her new work, (but never completed) or as Bausch herself suggested, a revival of a prime work, Agua.

Her choreographic themes have always been inspired by travels around the globe. Created during a residency in Brazil in 2001, Agua was inspired by the people Bausch met there, the climate, the heat and nature, and as she said in her own words, “ cactus, cobra, paradise, music.”

Surrounding a pure white stage, a curving back wall acts as a cinema screen to show film footage of lush green jungles, river deltas and waterfalls, created by her long-time collaborator Peter Pabst. Against this backdrop which evokes the sunshine and heat, flora and fauna, the dancers gracefully glide, scamper and skip in a series of playful scenes as we move from the rainforest to the beach, complete with swimsuits and swaying palm tree.

The women are mainly dressed in elegant, colourful, shimmering crimson, gold, purple and tangerine evening gowns, which drape across the floor as they move, partnered by smart suited gentlemen.  This three hour performance is an exotic cocktail of enticing travelogue photography, romantic encounters, humorous vignettes, dynamic music soundtrack, languid, sultry dance and vivacious beach party fun.

Agua is a dazzling, deliciously dreamlike celebration of Brazilian life and landscape and this British Premiere offers a timely homage to the enigmatic, creative and theatrical vision of Pina Bausch.

Show times
27 - 29th August, 7.30pm

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£8 - £28.50