Emma Thomson Presents: Fair Trade Review

Submitted by John Glen on Thu, 12 Aug '10 8.11pm
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Lotte Wakeham (Director), Anna Holbeck (Writer)
Anna Holbeck (Elena), Sarah Amankwah (Samai)
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The sex trade is something which Edinburgh is all too familiar with, from stag-do’s to prostitution, the city doesn’t exactly come up clean. This makes this all the more pertinent.

Elena and Samai are both vulnerable women from Albania and Sudan respectively. Both are on-stage as we witness their stories of transitioning from young women with hopes and dreams, to nothing but objects for male pleasure. This is the modern slave trade.

It's an effective piece of theatre, that you can’t help but feel moved by. The stories, which are taken from the accounts of two women who were involved in the sex trade, make for a powerful plot, albeit with no resolve and only a faint sense of hope. Aided by a very capable cast, this production does make interesting viewing, albeit laboriously so at times. Fair Trade shows how the justice system is failing these women, but it doesn’t offer anything else, which makes for a frustrating view.

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Till 30 August (not 16, 23), 3:30pm

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