Flawless: Intergalactic Dream Review

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Underbelly Productions in association with World Dance Movement
Swoosh, A.D., Oddey, reaker, Boogie, Bounce, FX, Shock, Steady, Neo
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The Pleasance Grand is one of the biggest stages available during the Fringe and Flawless are one of the biggest street dance acts available any time, so there's a synergy of sorts before the show even begins.

Flawless rose to fame after winning more competitions than you can count and starring in Britain's Got Talent, but unlike so many other acts they managed to use all this as an effective springboard to continuing success as professional performers.

Flawless are a street dance act consisting of 10 male dancers. The show starts with a repeating base note so low it causes internal bleeding quickly transforms into a tune that propels the dancers onto the stage. It's high energy and when I say high I mean you're up there with the international space station. Each performer has a signature style and approach and quickly establishes their credentials to be on the stage in front of the hundreds gathered.

Flawless have a massively mixed audience. There is, of course, an underpinning of teenage girls desperate to watch their heroes, but there's also a huge middle-aged audience who clearly just enjoy the physicality and bravado of the dancers. There is also a very young audience, still at junior school. For these children, the 10 performers are inspirational and there are not many acts on the Fringe who can make that claim.

A rather fine section of dancing was driven along by Party Rock's 'Shuffling' and the use of themes drawing from the likes of Michael Jackson, the Matrix, and others was a clever means of framing the various talents of the dancers.

It's a high energy, high impact good night out: I recommend it.

Show times: 3 to 21 August (not 15), 18:00

Ticket prices: £10.00-18.50