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Submitted by Editor on Sat, 13 Aug '11 8.36pm
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Melvin Brown
Moving Melvin Brown
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This man is an original hoofer, a song and dance man extraordinaire, 66 years old and still built like a recently retired Chippendale. Melvin Brown strutted his stuff for a packed and very responsive audience. Admittedly the average age of the audience was sixty plus, but age is no barrier to enjoyment.

Sharing stories from a life that parallels the milestone tunes of soul music, Brown takes us on a soul music journey from 1945 to the present day in song, story and dance. Supported by his chanteuse and a local four piece backing band, and tap dancing away, he covers many of the great tunes of the decades.

The audience loved him. They were all on their feet to When The Saints clapping along and joining in. I could have been in a Baptist church in the southern states, rather than the Adam house, C venue. It is not difficult to see why he is now a reverend, raising money for good causes.

Melvin Brown is entertainer from another era, but this does not devalue the quality of the show. If you are a soul music fan or you merely wish to reminisce, this is a definitely a not to miss show. It's good value for money and it is also good old-fashioned entertainment.

Show times: til 29 Aug, 19.50, 21.00

Tickets:  £6.50- £9.00