Each Of Us Review

Submitted by Alex Eades on Thu, 8 Aug '13 6.21pm
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Erica Whyman (Director) Ben Moor (Writer)
Ben Moor
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If, like me, you are an admirer of the art form that is the ‘One Man show’, you will find few sharper than Ben Moor’s razor tongued Each Of Us at the Pleasance Courtyard this August.

Five years after his previous Fringe outing, Ben Moor returns to us with an hour long performance, delving into stories of relationships, emotional highs and lows, memory and all those little things that seem to tie everything together.

As soon as Moor steps onto the stage, you immediately know that you are going to like this guy. He’s just got one of those faces. Kind, innocent and maybe just a hint of sadness. But when he opens his mouth, you quickly realise that what you are in fact dealing with here is a ferociously intelligent mind with a glowing aptitude for comedy and language.

Sparkling with wit and bursting with energy, Moor captures the attention with both hands and tickles us into submission. Picture P. G. Wodehouse after a couple of flutes of champagne and you may begin to understand what I’m talking about.

He rattles on at quite a pace, so you’ll have to be on your toes from start to finish, but the experience is nothing but rewarding. Hilarious and heartfelt, this is a great little show to catch before some late afternoon summer drinks.

Runs til 26 Aug, 3.30pm