City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Get Got Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 16 August 2013

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Janski Productions
Running time: 
Dominic Shaw (Director)
Patrick Ryan Sullivan (Quick), Angela Lonsdale (Czar)

Gotcha!’ From the bickering between John and Sydney in the venue garden, this was a spoof of a dysfunctional American chat show.

Having been in New York City as part of an audience of a TV show there were elements that you could recognise but it soon moved into a complete send-up .

Presented by Janski Productions, Get Got is a satire that allows audiences to be participate in a live-television show experience, as the show’s host Preston Quick (Broadway’s Patrick Ryan Sullivan) is in the 25th year of a long–term contract and his silver anniversary programme has special guests - a washed-up pop star (Angela Lonsdale) of ‘Doctors’ and Coronation Street’ fame and a young teenybopper princess (Sophie Isaacs) supported by a couple of energetic dancers.

The show runner, John is key to the show with the character of Wayne as the leering gay co-host extremely effective. The show follows the format now being copied in the UK and the music is delivered in the current Style. This is an entertaining production even if it is a mishmash of the contents of a spoof chat show.

Runs til 26 August, 8.35