City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Much a Shoo Be Doo About Nothing Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 12 August 2013

Much A Shoo Be Doo masks
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If you did not know this was a Shakespearean plot would this production be remotely credible?

With characters hiding behind the trellis and pot plants, there is intrigue at every turn. There are two love stories at the heart of it. Claudio and Hero who fall in love at first sight and another unlikely couple in Benedict and Beatrice who seem to spar with acid wit to show their disdain for each other.

There is dirty work at the crossroads, with the prince’s brother causing Claudio to turn his back on Hero, causing great shame to her family.

Add in some music that seem to be from Dean Martin’s back catalogue, plus ‘I Feel Pretty’ from ‘West Side Story and hey it’s a musical!

The dialogue is in Shakespearean mode and it takes a while to condition your ears to catch some of the nuances of the plot.

There are some good performances, Benedict and Beatrice handle their comedic scenes really well and when the story turns dramatic then it comes over effectively.

The audience on first night seemed to be into this show and chuckled at the comedy and appreciated the quality of the actors on show. The singing is delivered with panache.

Runs to 17th Aug, 5.30pm