Anything Goes, Paradise in Augustine's, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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K D Theatre productions
Daniel Bell(director), Katherine Hickmott (Choreography)
Rachel Rawlinson(Reno), Joshua Sinclair (Billy), Lucinda Withers (Hope)
Running time

Anything Goes - obviously it did in the 1930’s, allegedly the golden age of a certain type of musical.

This production is delivered by the successful KD Theatre Productions and as such it provides the cast with an opportunity to display their many talents. The music and lyrics by Cole Porter gives you songs to savour like ‘I get a kick out of you’, ‘You’re the top’ and the title song itself.

The original book was revised before its many revivals but the story-line may be all-American and of its time. The story is bordering on the ridiculous, which is saying something in the context of musicals.

Of course, it’s not meant to be taken seriously, but the writers have heaped silliness on top of silliness.

Still, the audience seemed to be lapping it up, so maybe it’s down to personal taste.

The story is located on board a New York to London liner whose captain wants to win the ratings war by having famous or indeed infamous passengers on board. The leading characters include Rachel Rawlinson as Reno Sweeney who is central to several bits of the plot and gets the best songs. It’s an effective performance and she deserves the leading lady status.

Joshua Sinclair as Billy Crocker is also onstage in all the key moments and worked well with Dominic Owen as Moonface Martin. Billy’s love interest is Hope Harcourt (Lucinda Withers) who is betrothed for financial reasons to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Rhys Whiteside).

Although there is some mild reference to Adult themes, the audience included 2 nuns and a child under 18 months so it must be suitable for all.

Whether it’s the American style or accent, some of the voices come over on the harsh side and the sound level in such a small space could maybe be turned down a bit and the diction up.

The ensemble support the principals very well and the purser Mathew Whitby epitomises that all-singing all-dancing type of show.

Runs 4-8,12-17 August, 14.20; 9-10 Aug,18.35.
Tickets £9-£12