Juvenalia, Assembly Hall, Review

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Assembly, Riverside Studios and Theatre Royal Plymouth Production
Adapted by Richard Quick from a translation by Peter Green. Simon Stokes - Director
Simon Callow
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“Stupendous, “brilliant” - some of the comments members of the audience made as they were leaving Simon Callow’s performance in Juvenalia.

Callow is a great entertainer and the text is adapted from Juvenal’s satirical poems written in the lst Century AD Rome, a time when that country was going through an extraordinary political and economic transition. People who came from peasant stock became tycoons and many subsequently got seduced by corruption and greed.

What is so good about this production is that Juvenal’s observations of the actions of these amoral politicians and powerful people who lived over two thousand years ago mirror the actions of leading characters in the twenty-first century, as Callow so amusingly alluded to in his interpretation of these satirical poems.

A highly entertaining production.

August 8-10, 12-17, 19-25 at 15:30.
From £10 to £20