Pants Down Circus: Rock, Assembly George Square, Review

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Pants Down Circus
Devised and created by the performers
Joshua Phillips (acrobat), Hannah Cryle (strong woman), Idris Stanton (clown), Caz Walsh (aerialist).
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A fine balance of flair and farce makes Pants Down Circus: Rock, an hour of frolicking fun for all the family.

As the title suggests, rock music set the theme for this lively, laughter-filled show, and classics from across the rock spectrum - from Queen to Run DMC – provided the ambient soundtrack. The four talented performers - two of each sex – between them brought along a variety of circus skills and a finely-tuned sense of humour. They also rocked the rock look, with one of the male performers in shorts and mullet-wig paying his own tribute to Scottish-born Australian guitarist, Angus Young of AC/DC fame, and leather jackets and cool shades playing an important role throughout.

The hour raced by with an entertaining mix of juggling, balancing and acrobatics, with a trapeze-act to finish. The skill of these performers was evident, but it was the staging and narrative that really turned this show into an event. Often, a display of circus skills has something in common with fireworks – the shock and surprise of the first ‘wow’ rapidly repeats until you reach the point of ‘seen one seen them all, take it or leave it’. These days, circuses need a little extra to make an impact – and Pants Down did just that.

Their unique selling point was definitely their humour, and they had one group of women, and later a group of men, literally crying with laughter, physically shaking with tears rolling down their cheeks. And this was really infectious. One routine in particular, set to Bohemian Rhapsody, was inspired – as was a sunglasses and leaf-blower routine (no spoilers here, if you want to know more you will have to go see it!)

All the way from Australia, this team are self-funded and, in the interests of maintaining standards at the Fringe, they really should be encouraged. So go and support them – they’ll be ripped and you’ll be rocked!

Runs until 25th August (not Mondays) at 5.30pm