Polska, Dance Base, Review

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Agata Maszkewicz
Agata Maszkewicz (Creator)
Agata Maszkewicz (Performer)
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Sometimes it can be difficult to follow or interpret dance and to understand the meaning or intentions of the choreographer or performer. This is most definitely the case with this piece presented by Agata Maszkewicz.

The show begins with a series of video clips featuring some rather disturbing sports injuries. It seems to frame a theme which then disappears; what follows is a sequence of staccato dance pieces consisting of repetitive sequences.

There is also a bizarre section where the dancer tells a series of jokes in bad taste - it appears unrelated and disconnected to everything else in the performance.

The lithe form of Agata Maszkewicz is not without grace; the choreography, however, is tedious, with little variation in form or structure. Long sequences of repeating forms may seek to emphasise a message or create a mood; what that is, however, is unclear.

Sometimes the saving grace of a dance which is unclear in tone or message is simply the physicality of expression which can of itsself be sufficient reason to watch, but even that was not the case here due to the simplistic nature of the movements and repeating sequences.

I cannot write very much about this dance as I neither understand it nor comprehend its purpose or intention. Others might, but for most audience members this piece will remain a mystery.

1, 3, 5, 7, 9 Aug at 16.30
Ticket prices: £10/£8