Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess, New Town Theatre, Review

Submitted by Jo Clarke on Sun, 3 Aug '14 12.50am
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Cadies Productions and LRStageworks
Liam Rudden (director), Robin Mitchell (author of the book)
Lindsey Lee Wilson (Princess Pumpalot), Philip Kingscott (Guffy), Edward Cory (The King), Donna Hazelton (The Queen), Blair Grandison (Prince Nastavia), Eric Murdoch (Prince Niceavia)
Running time

If there are any children who don’t love a good fart joke, I certainly haven’t met them. Princess Pumpalot, her royal parents, and her loyal servant Guffy know the many ins-and-outs of a good fart, so to speak.

Who knew that a fart was a powerful defense against a low-flying gnome invasion? Or that it was a right-of-passage for 16-year-old princesses? These and other charming discoveries carry the audience along on this fast-paced romp through one royal family’s strange traditions.

Audience participation comes in the panto tradition, along with call-and-response and quasi-fart-making en masse.

Princess Pumpalot is a likeable, spunky character but while the story avoids some fairytale tropes, it doesn’t quite resist the damsel-in-distress and happily-every-after via a handsome dance partner ending.

A solid, colourful production.

Aug 1-24 (but not Aug 12) at 11:30
£11/£9 (£32 F)