Shades of Spain and tones of the River Tweed: Landscapes by Douglas Davies R.S.W.

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“The Scottish Borders are a constant inspiration whatever the season as are frequent visits to south Brittany and the Mediterranean coasts of France and Spain providing me with a totally different palette and of course that special quality of light.” Douglas Davies

“Shades of Spain and Tones of the River Tweed” is the title of this collection of landscapes by Douglas Davies, depicting contrasting views from the Mediterranean to southern Scotland.

Captured in vibrant colours, see the curving river flow through the heather green valleys of the Border country: from Merlindale to Dawyck, Manor Valley to Tweedsmuir, the artistic beauty of the place in Autumn gold and Winter cold, across the Debateable Land of Scott’s poetry and ancient legend.

Across the gallery, a summery world of olive groves and vineyards, flowers and fruit flourishing under the hot Spanish sun. You can almost feel the heat and smell the scented air.

Davies explains that he makes numerous sketches working “en plein air”, following the manner and method of Monet and Van Gogh. Then, with notes on natural colours and context, he translates the illustration into the richly enhanced impressionist landscape.

Each painting has a varied touch and texture, abstract shapes in subtle shades as well as strong brushstokes sweeping across the canvas.

Take a journey through these luminous, lush and dramatic landscapes in this enchanting exhibition showing at the Dundas Street Gallery until 23 August, 2014. (10am – 5pm. Daily).