Shout! The Mod Musical, Edinburgh Academy, Review

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Youth Music Theatre of Scotland/Fife College
Janet Robertson (director), Morven Strain (choreographer), Alan Gibson (musical director)
Hannah Craig (Blue), L-J Cleave (Green), Naomi Finlayson (Orange), Maria Blewett (Red), Emma McFarlane (Yellow), Mark Sherwood (Narrator)
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'You’re going to feel aright' - Shout the Musical is a succession of hits from an era I know well along with social history commentary based on a typical teen magazine of the times.

Most of the limited dialogue goes unsurprisingly to the narrator, Mark Sherwood, who also plays different characters giving out advice to five different teenage girls who are only distinguished by their colours. The girls all have good singing voices, and their different roles produce variety and some amusing moments.

With five singers to choose from, you could form a league table, but just when you thought it was obvious who would be on top, you get a number sung with quality by one of the others. Suffice to say, they all handled their solos well and worked well in duets and when doing a harmony. 'To Sir with Love' from the film of the same name was a highlight.

The diction of all the singers was good, bringing out lyrics in some cases obscured by the original artiste. The choreography was imaginative and performed slickly but towards the end of a 90-minute show it was beginning to be repetitious.

The music was drawn from the back catalogue of Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent but not exclusively and the creators worked them into a logical pattern.

The attitudes of the ‘agony aunts’ showed that it was a period when the views of teens and their elders were at their most confusing. The show has what is now described as ‘adult’ themes and maybe not suitable for children but nothing that would surprise teenagers. The green girl (L-J- Cleave) who embraces the sexual revolution with gusto has some good lines while the others are more naïve in their approach to life and love.

It’s very much a jukebox musical with a thin story but the cast provide an entertaining show full of verve and for some, nostalgia.

Runs to August 10, 20:00.
Prices range from £7.50 to £10.50