Sister, Summerhall, Review

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Amy and Rosana Cade in Association with The Arches
Sarah Wilson (Production manager and technical operator), Laurie Brown (Stage manager and sound designer), Rose Ruane (Video artist)
Amy Cade, Rosana Cade
Running time

Feminism has always been a widely debated subject and many women feel there is a need to reject the image of the 'normal woman' that is projected upon us by society and instead rebel in a way that expresses their own identity and freedom of choice. Exploring the porn industry, choice, sex, sexuality and the freedom of one's body, Amy and Rosana Cade brings their risky and liberating exposé 'Sister' to this year's festival.

Invited into the room by two strippers dancing round a pole, the audience is encouraged to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. As audience members are invited on stage for a lap dance, Amy and Rosana strip down to bare their naked bodies and remain this way for the majority of the performance. Stories of the sex industry, the impact on family, sexuality and freedom of choice ensue, interjected by the occasional pole dance, home video or movement sequence.

From the offset, Sister's openness with their bodies is a liberation one step further than any 'free-the-nipple' campaign. After about five minutes the fact that the actors are naked is no longer a shocking factor, and in fact the audience is encouraged to feel comfortable looking at their bodies which is surprisingly easily achieved.

Commentary on the freedom of choice to sell your body in the sex or porn industry is considerately tackled and gives an inside perspective from a strong woman who had the right to choose that path. Choice is another topic that is heavily focused upon, with the core of feminism being the right to choose, and is spoken about in a humorous yet serious way.

The impact on family also goes hand in hand with their choice and was touchingly discussed, in particular through a letter which Amy had written to her mother.

Both actors showed impeccable pole dancing skills and were entertaining throughout the performance however at times the pace did get a little slow and at times it could be said to drag.

The opportunity to question the actors was another nice touch and allowed the audience to feel even more included in their choices and reasons for them.

The performance is a touching, liberating and feminist experience without being overpowering or pushy in its views. Sexy, dirty, empowering and full of fun, 'Sister' approaches feminism and choice in an entertaining and brave manner.

1-24 August, 20.15pm.