The Addams family, Assembly Hall, Review

Rating (out of 5)
Show info
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Ken Alexander (Director), Chris Stuart-Wilson (Choreographer)
Martin Murphy (Gomez), Kristel Harder (Morticia), Cassie Muise (Cassie), Curtis Brown (Lucas), Andrew Perry (Uncle Fester), Thomas Putman (Pugsley), Megan Juniper (Lurch), Tyler Smith (cln.Beineke), Bethany Jeffrey (Alice Beineke)
Running time

Magic on the Mound! The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland has produced a show of West End quality at a venue more used to different ‘family values’ being espoused.

Despite being one of the longer shows at two-and-a-half hours it does not flag from the theme song from the series of the same name to the very last scene. It is well dressed, cleverly staged, and performed flawlessly by a young and talented cast.

All the favourite members of the family are here such as Pugsley, grandma, and of course Uncle Fester supported by Lurch, the all-important butler.

Gomez, the father, played by Martin Murphy, is a standout and the rest of the cast is not far behind, but his stage presence and comic timing is first-class. His wife Morticia (Kristel Harder) is also excellent and even manages a ‘Bucks Fizz’ moment before reconciling with her husband through a tango.

The plot revolves around the usually devious and malevolent daughter, Wednesday (Cassie Muise), who wants to bring home her boyfriend and his parents for dinner. Being all-Americans from Ohio you can imagine the chaos that occurs.

The show has some great songs backed up by slick choreography and a great band.

It is suitable for all and the able cast were rewarded with applause throughout the show.

The clever direction and attention to detail makes this a stand-out production, even if it is in a church hall (albeit a prestigious one).

‘Disclosure’ was the number that sticks out: when the family and guests indulge in an after-dinner game Bethany Jeffrey as Alice has an opportunity to create a lasting memory as the mother of boyfriend, Lucas (Curtis Brown).

Catch this show if you can as the Addams Family would say ‘death could be round the corner’.

Continues til 25 Aug, 11.00. £12(£10)