City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

The Onion of Bigotry, St John's, Review

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 05 August 2014

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Show details
Black Dingo
Running time: 
Kielty Brothers
John Kielty, Gerry Kielty, Jordanna O'Neill, Stanley Pattison

Hatred has never been so much fun’. Black Dingo productions present an hour of history and humour on the subject that can cause wars, family feuds and stokes the rivalry that defines Scottish football.

It is written by the Kielty Brothers and stars brothers John and Gerry, ably supported by Jordanna O’Neill and Stanley Pattison. Most scots might suspect some bias reading these names but ‘Get over it’ and sit back and enjoy a history lesson like you have not heard before in song, dialogue and even a bit of dancing.

Set in a Scottish Episcopalian Church, the Liberal Democrats of Christianity, the cast strip away the layers of the onion to reveal its rotten core. As someone who knows his Scottish history and a smattering of European history I enjoyed the clever lyrics even if I could imagine the fun that the writers had getting the balance between truth and fiction. The audience who did not pay attention in class or were from other parts of the globe would lose a lot by not getting the jokes and irony of it all.

The cast are excellent with friendly banter with sadly a small audience. I have to say it was my kind of humour and that might not be shared by the wider population.

There are a number of good songs and even audience participation on a minor scale encouraged.

The story flagged a bit in the ‘Lutheran’ period but otherwise kept up a good pace throughout.

The show lasts an hour and maybe it needs a second act where it could delve into some of the practices of the Orange order, sending back of funding for the ’troubles’, flying of flags, employment practices in Scotland and even how you tell by pronunciation which side someone comes from without the question ‘And what school did you go to’. Bigotry-multi-layered and needs more exposure.

Runs to Aug 25th @16:00; £10 (8).