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Anna Morris
Anna Morris (writer, creator), David Jackson (director, co-writer), Enzoani (Wedding dress design)
Anna Morris (Georgina)
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Comedy actress and writer, Anna Morris appeared in ITV2′s comedy reality show, Bad Bridesmaid, following the viral popularity of her YouTube blogs about Georgina the Bridezilla, which has had over 100,000 hits.

Georgina is finally getting married and during the Fringe, the public may attend one of her 22 wedding rehearsals, before the marriage ceremony on 31 August at Edinburgh Castle. You are warmly invited to attend.

The theatre is in an intimate suite at the Voodoo rooms with a Bar for welcome refreshment. This show is part of PBH's Free Fringe and as there is likely to be a long queue, I advise you to arrive early to get a seat and a drink – perhaps some celebratory Fizz.

The audience is seated rather like a congregation at a wedding, without the segregated sides for bride or groom – we are all here for Georgina, who greets us all at the door. Remember this is an important event – Don’t. Be. Late. .. says the invitation to attend a rehearsal.

Stepping gracefully on to the stage, Georgina is dressed beautifully in a flowing white lacy wedding dress, (not too much like a meringue), and a flowing veil in her neatly styled blonde hair. As she says, most people have one rehearsal but she is not “most people” and is having 22 trial runs. Her day has to be perfect. The groom is ex-banker turned Conservative Politician, Simon Hamilton.

Georgina knew from the age of 5 that she wanted to be a Bride, and began planning her dream wedding. With a charming RP accent, she keeps telling us that she was educated at a private school; ever so posh, graceful, very slim and pretty …… but rather demanding. Her way, it seems, or no way.

With a few weeks to go, everything has to be planned meticulously from the opening music, selecting the best bridesmaids, dealing with her father in law and keeping Simon on track. She chats to the gathered crowd, finding out where we all come from, selecting a few unsuspecting people to take on the role of her friends and relatives. Audience participation expected.

The beauty of this interactive show is that every day there will be totally different guests at yet another Rehearsal. Yesterday there was an Australian lady who was actually, truly, getting married today (Thursday 13th). So of course this news gave rise to some very amusing repartee in which Georgina suggests we all come along to celebrate her big day!.

There is also a strong element of improvisation as Georgina tweaks the script with ad libs, chatting and joking to the lovely stand in Wedding guests.

So whatever may happen at the Rehearsal you attend, it is guaranteed to be an absolute hoot. My sister June, her friend Sally and I laughed our socks off. Why much of the humour works so well is because it's all based on true life experiences - the pressure, rather than the pleasure, of planning a dream romantic wedding.

If like me you are a sucker for all those romantic comedies, (The Wedding Planner, The Wedding Date, My Best Friend’s Weddings, 27 Dresses et al), you will love the charming and quick witted Anna Morris as the feisty and fierce, Bridezilla, Georgina.

This one-hour Comedy cabaret show is simply Perfect (and I hope her wedding will be too).

Show times
8th – 30th August (not 18th) @ 3.55pm (1 hour) | FREE