Ed Byrne: Outside Looking In, Gilded Balloon, Review

Submitted by JD Stewart on Sat, 8 Aug '15 6.38pm
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Vivienne Smith Management
Ed Byrne (comedian)
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Ed Byrne returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with his new show: Outside Looking In. Over the years, Byrne has become a household name, and it’s refreshing to see him back in Edinburgh with his unique comedic style.

Byrne came onto the stage at the Gilded Balloon to some strong ‘cock rock’ and spent the hour recounting tales of bad shows, bad first dates, and bad doctor visits. It wasn’t all-bad though, as Byrne always has a way of spinning even the worst into a string of comedy gold moments.

There were most definitely the odd moments where you felt the water was being tested in terms of some of the material, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That’s what the festival is about for many nowadays, and if there was a joke that didn’t land exactly how it should, Byrne used his jovial persona to lift it back up again.

It was also exhilarating to be with everyone in the room on the journey together. Having seen Byrne on the TV while he injects the panel shows with needed life, it felt really good to see him live and not be disappointed.

Despite not relying on it, the audience didn’t seem up for giving anything away. I felt that we maybe lost out on his ability to observe as he goes. The show does not rely on participation, but I feel that if you join in where needed – you could really witness some real comedic thinking on his feet.

Byrne’s show will most surely be a success as people love to see the big names in the smaller venues. But be warned, the Debating Hall is a hot house and the seats were crammed so tight it felt like being in a cage. There was a man in front of me who was continually asked by his friends if he was okay – he looked close to passing out.

Despite this, Byrne delivered a wonderfully fun and sometimes incredibly gross-out hour of comedy that left me wanting more.

8-30 August (not 17th & 27th), 9pm; *Not many shows left!* Tickets: £15, Concessions: £12. Age Guideline: 16+