Hemmed In, theSpace on the Mile, Review

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Lost L:ock Productions
Donna Soto-Morettini & Iain Davie (Directors), Shonagh Murray (Musical Director)
Naomi Stirrat, Sarah Ford, Ashleigh More, Cara McKinley & Samara Bell
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A Scottish musical that isn't about whisky, hills, glens, and getting one over the English or foreigners, with an all-female cast - what’s not to like?

Although the publicity emphasises the prison release grant of £47 with one of several good songs, it is the rehabilitation programme that is the main theme of this show.

Up to date with the idea of proper training for freedom, the programme is about fashion under the tutelage of Kate (Naomi Stirrat) a model who has been given community service for attacking her abusive boyfriend.

The highlight of the show is when the group of five women sing in harmony with a video diary providing an opportunity for solos.

The cast all have a story to tell and while there are flashes of latent aggression the show is about positive outcomes with only Bobby (Cara McKinley) falling by the wayside.

The story is not all that gritty and does not dwell on the pressures facing women returning to their communities and taking up relationships that may have led them to prison in the first place.

The parolees are given three weeks to prepare not for a musical but for a fashion show and the audience see the tensions and support among the group. The three successes are played by Samara Bell, Ashleigh More and Sarah Ford.

This is new writing and it works really well although maybe the style of music is too uniform and perhaps one or two of the solos might have benefited from influences from another genre.

Runs on even dates until 28 August