Paperwork 2, Fringe Venue 208 (Edinburgh Ski Club), Review

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Marion Barron, Sheila Chapman, Trevor Davies, Ruth Thomas - artists

Just a short walk over from the major, well-established galleries up and down Dundas Street, do make your way to a hidden gem of a pop-up gallery at Fringe Venue 208 at 2 Howe Street.

In the two spacious basement rooms, Paperwork 2 is a superb exhibition of drawings, prints and paintings by Marion Barron, Sheila Chapman, Trevor Davies and Ruth Thomas, a Collective of graduates from Edinburgh College of Art. This is the third year they have organised a Fringe exhibition.

As one of the artists commented, “Hanging is pretty hard work - physical, a lot of measuring/mental arithmetic. Once we get a good final arrangement which shows off everyone's work in the best light, it is satisfying. Here's hoping the viewing public like it!”

I am sure they shall. This is an enchanting selection of dream-like landscapes, figurative work, still life studies and colourful abstracts. It's like taking a journey through time and place. Another enticing fact is that the prices are all extremely affordable.

Ruth Thomas loves to explore the coastline of East Lothian on leisurely beach walks to find pebbles and rock pools; her ink and pencil drawings show close-up detail of the natural world with shimmering reflections of light on flowing water.

Trevor Davis is a master draughtsman, adept at a subtle, simplicity in the fine lines, soft shading and contours of shape. 'Seated Woman’ is a delicate sketch of a nude with a lightness of touch and tone, while ‘Scott’s Grey Turns Blue’ is a cool, calm, creative homage to William Scott, who transformed domestic pots and pans into a unique artform.

In acrylic paintings of flowers, birds and people, Sheila Chapman projects colour, life and movement. Her aim is to give the impression of a particular moment, such as a sense of energy in “Young Trampolinists,” the graceful freedom of flight.

In total contrast, the study of abstract form, space and structure is brilliantly achieved by Marion Barron with bold representations of white, red and black blocks. The painterly precision is reminiscent of the decorative designs and collages by Philip Reeves.

Paperwork 2 is an evocative, inspirational collection of diverse yet complementary work, the nuances of shade, line, pattern and composition all pleasing to the eye, as you wander from room to room.

Show times

PAPERWORK 2 @ Venue 208, 2 Howe Street Edinburgh EH3 6TD
Friday 21 August to Monday 31 August, 10.00 until 6.00pm.
Free Entry