The Overcoat, Summerhall, Review

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BRUSH Theatre
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The Overcoat, Summerhall, Review

BRUSH Theatre



Spend a fun day with young Jenny and how she deals with missing her Dad!

In this short but charming show from Korean company, Brush, young Jenny tries her hardest to keep her Daddy at home using pleading and tantrums. When that fails, she creates a new umbilical cord between her and her parent by unravelling a loose thread from his working jacket.

Suspend your disbelief at a wee girl being left at home alone all day while her father goes to work and you are left with a deceptively simple innocent children’s show with some magical graphics.

The two performers (sorry no names) welcome the audience with warm childlike greetings as they invite us to become members of a wool wristband club, an early hint at the strand that runs through this show involving a clever co-ordination of graphics and live action. Sweet music box style music played live on a keyboard by a man who also provides vocals and sound effects as the clowning duo amazing do tricks with string against the big DIY screen. From an elephant playmate to squiggly snake charmer, it is like a story book brought to life.

The show bears no resemblance to either the original Nikolai Gogol story or to the video clip on the Fringe website that shows something like a version of the Gogol tale, but in its own right is an engaging piece about a child dealing with separation that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Aug 5-30 (not17)at 09.45