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Anna Morris - PBH's Free Fringe
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Anna Morris is a comedian, writer and actress, with over 120,000 hits for her You Tube series Georgina’s Wedding Blogs and appearances in the TV shows, Bad Bridesmaids and Outnumbered.

At last year’s Fringe she starred in her own comedy show, “Anna Morris – It’s Got to Be Perfect”, three weeks of rehearsals for her forthcoming wedding on 31 August. As I wrote in my 4 star review, “….you will love the feisty Bridezilla, Georgina … an absolute hoot. My sister and I laughed our socks off, .. ..”

And Georgina is back – still planning her PERFECT dream wedding to Simon Hamilton, now taking place on 29 August, 2016 at Edinburgh Castle. At the Voodoo Rooms, the audience gather in the Bar before invited through to the Ballroom, drinks in hand, for the Wedding Rehearsal. Be warned – Don’t. Be. Late!

This year's show has been developed into a dramatic production, enhanced with music and film. On screen, with the explosive score of Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, here's the glamorous celebrity, the global phenomenon, Georgina, in a spoof opening of The X Factor. And then she appears on stage in her frothy white meringue dress, greeting her stand-in wedding guests, with a broad, slightly frosty, smile.

In her very posh, very proper, upper class accent, we hear that she met Simon “ three yars ago;” Finding Mr Right is like parking spaces, she says, they are either too small or disabled, as the best ones are taken.” An offensive non PC joke for some, perhaps, but the LOL humour throughout shines as bright as her fat diamond ring.

Every performance will be a totally different scenario due to the audience participation, picking guests to act as her bridesmaid, fiancé, future father in law and best man. So their personalities and background become intertwined in the action. Anything remotely working class is criticised – from where people live to the confiscation of Primark bags and pasties from Greggs.

This will be the Wedding of the Century, bigger than Kate and Wills' and better than Princess Di’s funeral. The pressure is on to arrange her Hen Night (costing friends £5K each), and there's a problem with the Order of Service programme in which she has embarrassingly mis-spelt the Aristocratic Title of Simon’s father who is a Count.

We are encouraged to suggest Objections on why she cannot marry Simon, to which she responds with a quick fire volley of witty ad-libs. Without giving a plot spoiler, the storyline heads at fast speed to an unlikely, disappointing denouement which is seriously OTT. In my opinion, having loved the original show, this weakens the realistic characterisation of the gorgeous Georgina.

However, for an hour of theatrical entertainment, join the frightfully posh and rather frightening Georgina at her Wedding rehearsal in this hilarious, laugh-a-minute farce. With her pin-sharp wit and sparkling comedic style, Anna Morris certainly has the X factor.

NB. This is on the PBH’s Free Fringe so get there early to ensure a seat.

Performance Times: 6 – 28 August @ 15.55
Ticket Prices: Free Non-ticketed