City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Petrol, Zoo (Pleasance), Review

By Garry Platt - Posted on 11 August 2016

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Fabbrica del Vento
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Anna Penati, Marco Zavarise (Devisors)
Anna Penati, Marco Zavarise

It's a dystopian view of a world that restricts and constricts people, pushing and hedging them into false formalities and mind numbing subordination. It's a world where people serve the system and the system doesn't care.

Anna Penati and Marco Zavarise have devised this piece and use a small simple black set to portray this depressing flat monoculture in which our two protagonists live. The performers wear unusual and expressionless masks which adds a further dehumanising dimension. The vocabulary of movement is stilted almost cartoon like in nature and as an expression of the contracting world in which these people live it is perfect.

After a while the limitations of this framework began to undermine my personal experience of the show. Essentially the aperture through which the performers had chosen to examine this subject became too small, too repetitive in form and nature.

I found 55 minutes too long. As an examination of a society which is slowly losing its own soul my attention and focus was challenged. The medium for delivery was essentially low energy in nature and this did not help.

Until 29 August, 6.45pm